We contact card issuers and arrange to block or cancel and replace your cards. Register your 10 most important cards now. Yearly Memberships is $52.25. Call us now on 1300 526 592 or online.

About Us

Card Guard is a unique organisation that focuses on card and identity fraud prevention. We contact card issuers and arrange cancellation and replacement of all pre-registered cards if your purse or wallet is lost or stolen.

Purse or wallet theft... cancellation...


...and card replacement.

Our Goal

To create a single portal to cancel and replace all typical cards held in a purse or wallet.

Why?... to keep your money and identity safe and save you the stress and hassle of using various apps, searching for the numbers to call and wasting time on hold.



Our office is based in Sydney and our 24/7 contact centres are based in Sydney and Brisbane.

Corporate partnership

Card Guard offers a range of solutions for companies and organisations wishing to add value to employee benefit schemes, incentivise customers and improve reward and loyalty programs. For more information, please email us at

What our members say

Just signed up to Card Guard. What a fantastic idea! I've lost my purse before and it took forever to call everyone and cancel all my cards.

A. Trent

Great idea and great software!! Most of my cards appeared in the drop down menu as I typed. It really did only take 3 minutes.

D. Hobart

My wallet went missing on a Friday night but luckily I'd registered my cards with Card Guard 2 weeks prior. I went to their website and selected the cards I wanted to cancel. It was really easy and took less than 2 minutes. I started to receive my new cards 3 days later. Brilliant idea and amazing service!

J. Bartlett

Seriously good idea. We have just called them and they added all my cards for me. I hope I never lose my wallet, but if I do this is awesome.

M. Mecchia